Paris Capitale de la Terre

Once upon a time in a city named Paris…

Postcards created by Anonymous Animals

Paris Capitale de la Terre is a concept created by Anonymous Animals in a rainy day of January 2013. On this rainy day back from Brussels, one member of the group realized that whatever you could do or think, wherever you are, you always have a thought for Paris.

This is the city of expectations and dreams, the city where everyone has thought about settling to, one day. It is the city where girls feel safe at night, the city of wandering and romantism, the city where you will always be surprised.

Paris can bring dreams to life for those who still believe that something can happen just by sitting at a Café in Saint-Germain-des Près.

Anonymous Animals, July 2014

This why we can’t leave the city for too long, this why our friends always come back.

Paris is full of surprises with its newly Parisians, their surprising habits and their unbreakable hopes.

We love our city and all the people that believe, only Paris is the Capital of Earth.

The place where all nationalities meet around a cup of coffee, while walking in the Tuileries, while climbing the Eiffel tower and thinking about their next dinner… We are All Anonymous Animals, we trust in Paris Capitale de la Terre and we believe in Europe as the guardian of our dreams and history.

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