Five Times American Addiction Centers Made the News

American Addiction Centers is often in the news, sharing about all that is happening at their many treatment programs across the country. The following are five times that leaders in the recovery industry showed up in the media to share their expertise and connect with the community.

Sharing A Believable Hope

Michael Cartwright, CEO of American Addiction Centers, was a guest on Local Memphis Live and shared about his personal experience with addiction, celebrated his 25 years in recovery, and discussed the epidemic of addiction and how it is hitting families across the country. His book, A Believable Hope: 5 Essential Elements to Beat Any Addiction, provides an in-depth conversation on the topics that he addressed in this interview, including the need to talk about addiction in order to better connect people with the care they need.

Educating about the Connection between Chronic Pain and Addiction

Heroin and fentanyl are increasingly the cause of overdose deaths across the country, and many people report that their addictions to these deadly drugs started in a doctor’s office with a prescription for painkillers to manage chronic pain. Once in treatment, these clients not only have to deal with issues related to addiction but also with symptoms of continued pain. It’s a problem that Dr. Joseph Bradley, the creator of the Chronic Pain Program at Solutions Recovery, has tackled head on. He spoke to the CBS morning show about how opiates affect the brain, how addiction develops, and why fentanyl is making the problem of opiate overdose a thousand times worse.

Teaching the Signs of Addiction

Addiction progression can happen slowly, and for families, it is not always easy to tell when occasional drug use and abuse have morphed into an addiction that requires immediate treatment. Maggie French is a Regional Manager for Business Development at American Addiction Centers, and she spoke to WFLX FOX 29 about the signs that can indicate an addiction in a loved one and how family members can respond to help them connect with treatment.

Connecting with the Recovery Community

Chris Boutte is the Lead Alumni Coordinator at Desert Hope Treatment Center in Las Vegas and spoke to CBS Radio about a rally and recovery event during National Recovery Month. He also spoke about the power of connecting with other people who are striving to stay sober and in reaching out to support those who are living in active addiction and considering getting treatment.

American Addiction Centers regularly appears in the news to discuss addiction, treatment, and the hope that comes in recovery.