Positive Attitude = Happiness? What You Need to Know

Positive Attitude Month happens in October, and for many people in recovery, the idea that a positive attitude is important is a new one. Stopping use of drugs and alcohol is only one piece of the puzzle in recovery. Sobriety does not equal happiness. Rather, an in-depth look into the personal perspectives and assumptions that drive your decision-making as well as choosing to regularly make the decision to take the most positive road are key factors in whether or not you will find happiness — sustainable happiness — in recovery.

What path are you on?

Happiness Is a Choice

An emotional response to bad news, irritation, or frustration is normal. It is how we process that response, how intense it is, how long it lasts, and how it informs our following actions that can determine whether or not we take a step closer to happiness or get farther away from it.

Here are just a few ways you can improve the quality of your life by improving your attitude and making positive choices:

· Avoid taking yourself too seriously. If someone makes a comment or does something that you initially find off-putting, consider responding with humor or just ignoring it. It takes too much energy to take everyone around you, including yourself, so seriously. Instead, choose to let some things go and laugh at others.

· Take care of yourself. Eating a mix of healthy foods, getting good sleep, and spending time around positive people can all increase your ability to respond positively to unexpected things in the moment.

· Set boundaries that are appropriate. When you set and maintain boundaries with the people around you and are respectful of their boundaries as well, you increase the likelihood of positive interactions that happen naturally.

· Focus more on giving back. Rather than thinking too heavily about what is owed to you, how you believe you may have been wronged in the past, or various other injustices that you feel may have contributed to your current state, turn your attention to what you can do for the people around you — at home, at the firehouse, and in your community.

On the Road to Happiness

Our First Responder Lifeline Program at American Addiction Centers (AAC) is often the first step for firefighters in recovery who are looking to reconnect with their sense of happiness and an authentic feeling of success. Our program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of firefighters and other first responders by offering:

· PTSD assessment and evaluation to identify disorders associated with trauma experienced on the job

· A unique treatment plan implemented by a therapeutic team of providers trained in issues related to first responders

· EAP/MAP interactivity

· Therapies proven to be effective in the treatment of substance use disorders, PTSD, and emergency responder exhaustion syndrome (ERES) (e.g., Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, exposure therapy, and others)

· Family support to help loved ones be a positive part of the recovery process

If you are ready to start down your personal road to a sense of peace and happiness in recovery, contact us at American Addiction Centers now (866) 53-SOBER to learn more about the options available to you in treatment.

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