Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Firefighters

With 2017 on its way out, it is hard to believe that it is time yet again to assess the past year and make intentional choices for the new year that will improve our lives on the job and at home as well. Here are some of the top New Year’s resolutions among firefighters ready to hit the ground running in 2018:

1. Build up your firefighting skills. No matter how many years you have been on the job, there is always something new to learn or an old skill or type of equipment to brush up on. Find out what trainings are being offered in your area in the next couple months and commit to taking at least three.

2. Reconnect with your partner at home. Feeling solid at home is just as important as feeling solid in your abilities at work, and it has just as significant an impact on your ability to function well under pressure on the job. Make sure you are setting aside time regularly to connect with your partner. Go on a date or spend time focused on making sure they have the ability to focus on their dreams and goals.

3. Practice self-care. Quitting smoking, eating a healthy breakfast, and working out regularly — these behaviors and more, when practiced regularly, can help to lower stress levels, increase energy levels, and improve your ability to manage stress both on the job and off.

4. Connect with treatment services for mental health issues. If you are struggling with issues related to trauma — nightmares, detachment, high anxiety, depression, and more — there are mental health treatment services that can help you begin to repair and heal. Find out what is available to you through work or privately out in the public sector, and make 2018 a year of healing.

5. Recommit to recovery. If you are struggling with substance abuse, or if you have tried in the past to stop drinking or drug use and been unable to do so for any length of time, you have the option to enroll in a treatment program that will help you make a fresh start in your recovery.

Start the New Year off on the Right Foot

If you have spent 2017 increasingly dealing with the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, you can start 2018 the right way by enrolling in the First Responder Lifeline Program provided by American Addiction Centers. Choose from a half a dozen locations across the country, including:

To determine which location will best serve you and your family as you begin the healing process, contact us at (888) 731-FIRE (3473) today to discuss your options.