Upside Frown

Annie Caldwell
ArtsyBee @ Pixabay

Ol’ Rumple Dunk of Dumbledown
(the grumpliest grouch in all the town),
he always wore a frumpled frown
beneath his frop of scrumpy brown.
On cobbled streets Dunk throbbled ‘round
and squabbled with the folks he found.
He wumpled loud his snirling growls,
with unshun eyes scrinched in a scowl.

One day, while squibbling with a crowd,
he tripped across his dimbly hound.
Head first he fell and bumpled down
into a hole of tumbly ground.
And when the townsfolk pulled him out
he didn’t runkle, rant or shout.
Instead ol’ Rumple humbly bowed
and mumbled, “Bless you” to the crowd.

His tongue got jumbled up somehow,
and to his dog he said “Meow,”
then touched his nose and said, “Oh wow!
a doopsie oopsie on my brow.”
He tiddled and guffawed profound
as frumpled frown frew upside down.
“My giddy-up’s all skiddied now,
with all these tribbly, giggly sounds.”

Dunk started wiggling all around.
He boogied up and cha cha’d down.
With gurkish grin, he looked so proud,
as tipply feet jigged up a cloud.
He hokied in and pokied out
and baffled folks, without a doubt.
They clapped their hands and laughed out loud
as Rumple Dunk spadunkled out.

From that day on, throughout the town,
Dunk twaddled gaily with his hound.
He wore a nose, so red and round
and bounced in clowny shoes he found.
With dambled brains and bumpled crown,
that stumbling grouch became a clown
who doozled folks of Dumbledown
when he unfrumped his upside frown.

Annie Caldwell

Written by

When my dust has settled on silent pages, I hope my pulse will go on in the words I have written.

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