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A lot of good points. But its also very hard for anyone right now that will be impacted by what’s to come to just be talking about how to fix what happened or didn’t happen. A whole lot more will be needed to protect the people who get hurt, including many of the people that did vote for Trump. Some way money will finally start to roll down hill for these folks. Yeah, not holding my breath. Maybe the coal miner’s daughter.

Again, for anyone getting this far, old folk smart or dumb have valid points to make. For me, there are two huge, omissions. The Democratic leadership did this not the left. Obama swept into power because he had a very large blog that ended up drawing hundreds of thousands of activists to it. There should have been such an entity here again, but by Hillary? Not a website where people are talked down at, but a real exchange process, the kind that I think Bernie probably had, but that Clinton was dead set on doing.

And then what continues to be missing in any dialogue. Yeah the liberal media thought HRC was a shoe-in! Not. We are talking about TV, not online or print journalists! Nearly 60% of the public, mostly older folks rely only on TV for their news, and even higher the older you get. Its these people who only watch Fox, CNN, or ABC etc. that intentionally want the horse race and its these people that rake in the vast majority of money during elections with their $40K 30 second prime top hit pieces at the end! The purpose in this case wasn’t to get people to vote, but to get them not to vote! And it worked!

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