In a world of Energy Mainframes, our “PC, meet the Internet” moment is very close.
Alex Danco

I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you that an Enron’s Skilling came up with the core concept of arbitrage for selling gas, but unless the general public wakes up, the very companies that he wanted to take over are positioning themselves to do more than kill net metering.

Most people in this society are highly susceptible to propaganda and stability. Just as some of us watched the early evolution from 56k to dsl, this same thing happen back in 1993, when a few engineers came up with a means to create their own ILEC business, then order a $400 DSL modem, which resulted in them being able to get a central station hookup for $15 a month hookup speeds that took online access to the next level. We watched as Colorado’s phone company figure it out, ban new ILEC requests at the puc and then spread the word to the RBOC’s on how to take over the DSL revolution, killing the independent ISP movement in SF that for awhile was bigger than the rest of the world in terms of connectivity. Wasn’t meant to be, but the point here is that we are watching as PG&E and friends nationwide are not interested in you model, and will more than likely work with the car companies to assure a very stable model of centralized power for most of the country while solar rooftops becomes an expensive hobby for the rich.

That is unless somebody with a few more smarts than Brown or whomever comes after him can wake up in time. The exponential potential of solar is there from a technological standpoint, but our institutional bullies outside of California will not go down this road. The global community, aka the problem California and Germany has gotten itself into can’t be fixed at this point and is only getting worse as can be seen by Brown withdrawing the proposal to organize a western US super grid last week as Wyoming announced plans to tax the Wind strategy out of existence, very likely due to our recent decision not to let their Coal leave on ships to Mexico out of our ports.

Some of us old farts who wanted distributed renewables 35 years ago watched as Reagan pulled the solar panels off the whitehouse that Jimmy Cart put up as well the programs that gave the bay are the largest wind company in the world by the mid 80’s, only to go bankrupt by the time Reagan retired. Musk is likely in for the same surprise ending as bigger players roll out the final stage of their energy wars on the rest of the world. Too bad fuel cell research was mashed into a box and then forgotten about. At least Tokyo actually setup a test model using natural gas in homes as a storage device that could eventually switch to water to bypass gas and then electric lines… why have three distribution grids when one would do!

The real battle ground will be whether or not a Trumpet throws out all renewable programs as he’s promising. Uber aside, as others suggest the US will not be the first to do any serious disruptive changes where a pickup truck driving redneck will perceive such changes as against their lifestyle religion, just as Brexit was voted on by old folks that screwed the next generation, old dogs only act on smell. Brown and friends have already done in net metering here for centralizing control of power. There should have been programs for the rest of the states housing units not for the deserts. I would have accepted solarizing the north south canal to ship our water to the south as India is suggesting they will do with rivers, but has such an idea even gotten out due to the system as it falls back into itself? Marin’s CCA movement could very well have been a model to bypass the big monsters but if the story is out that Chevron has a bead on taking over the back door entry levels, then the chess game is over and the public will likely be wearing air cooled space suits as space nuts won’t need to go to Mars to see what’s its like to live on a planet without a livable atmosphere.

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