Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

Since the kid didn’t actually include any references to back up his claim that twitter is dying, the piece sounds more like a teenager throwing a rant about his parents being grumpy. If getting rid of teenie bopper’s latest tech fashion is hurting twitter’s bottom line, its probably for the better. Even though a whole lot of people have long been abusing the system, there doesn’t seem to be an institutional process around to help teach people how to mediate online or off when disputes arise.

This isn’t a problem with twitter, its a human problem. Much of the world is very unhappy with economics, politics, the environment or how we’ve traditionally been forced into the hands of gatekeepers with an agenda, and for the clueless millennials that means our major corporate sponsored news media and their propaganda machines that a growing number of us older farts were escaping from via online and twitter.

Twitter’s role of opening the world to events like the Arab spring and its unfiltered # strategy means the blinders are off so you see the good, bad and ugly. Something the media’s middle and upper class management strategy of manipulating content has been intentionally used to hide their racist strategies in older news formats. — Ugh, they can’t afford a Rolls, so make sure not to invite them to the country club tonight, or for that matter, lets all go to private schools that the poor can’t afford.

Running from the growing cultural trauma around us doesn’t cut it. We are still living in the dark ages with most adults completely illiterate about 90% of how we communicate. You know the non-verbal- emotions and fixed features and cultural or class cues like our sexual, or power based fears. There is no current mechanism within the English language or any other modern language to compensate for these other communication cues going on. Go spend a month at chimp zoo after taking a decent anthropology class and look at the horrors we dare not speak about — how we’re letting fear driven strategies injected into human relations by the alpha classes dominate our behavior!