What Being Broke in San Francisco Really Means
The Bold Italic Editors

The Poison in America… I spent a decade living in SF on less than $1K a year back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Lived in an underground house in Golden Gate Park — rent free. Met Vampires, Beats, gypsies and touring floaters who found ways to stay outside of the system — artists or just dope heads walking a short plank, or at least until the dumpsters were locked.

No longer homeless — stayed away from drugs, marriage and the system. Imagine how pissed the system is that they can’t get everybody, or if everybody “woke” up to the news that they too had become expendable if they don’t have 6 zero incomes.

Its never been about you as a human, but us as community and that is the biggest crime for the Any Rand set. Dare to be weak. Dare to be human.

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