Where’s Neo When We Need Him?
Elisabeth Robson

The premise this piece relies on is incorrect. From Martin Luther King to Gandhi, there are great examples of change that do not require Supermen (neither of the above were supermen, just passionate leaders), or violent revolution to make changes. The need for a Messianic solution is a classic example of how the media keeps people from acting (extreme violence can and should turn anyone off from wanting to take action) — Movements take real people of all kinds to make change. The Matrix, like the Wonderful World of Disney relies on Magical thinking and extreme violence — A science fiction of entertainment that certainly needs to be separated from the metaphor the movie tries to inject into the world on how morals and the law are used to turn the general public into agents for the military industrial Agenda.

What is really so attractive about The Matrix was that it is a rare attempt to use coin of the realm (popular movies) to suggest change in this very corrupt corporate ruled world. Note the rather flat support for later Wachowski movies with anarchist driven themes that have come after the Matrix. I would think that for this writer, Avatar would be a far more interesting mainstream model, since its theme of turning native is far more appropriate today in the world of tech zombies that think they can solve over consumption. Nope, ma'am, recycling or solar panels isn’t gonna cut it. We need billions new trees planted a year to slow down desertification and people who are willing to change their lifestyle, contrary to VP Cheney’s ideology.

Probably a far more interesting movie is “Reds” by Warren Beatty that actually documents real history rather than fantasy. Or at least be aware of the fact that real grassroots movements like the Civil Rights movement or even the anti-nuclear and peace movements are not popularized for a reason for actively seeking to empower people to carry out change. And most certainly, we will not be seeing any kind of show delving into Occupy. An entire movement like the Greens worldwide were inspired to build real organizing models for change. Simply because most people don’t subscribe to these, shows that most people are still brainwashed into comfort via violence and the status quo. A great example of motivational movies was Network. But classics like these will not make the big screen — or find the right focus to draw an economically strapped/terrified general public away from big brother and the holding company.

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