Hey, Airbnb: I fixed your crappy ads
Wes Kao

Wow, and I thought I’d been kicked out of the city I’d spent the last 40 years living in was the issue, not how to spin their way out how rich tech kids with bad attitudes could destroy a low income minority community with the help of a lot of small time speculators and big time developers.

By enabling what many long time residents of the Mission district know all too well, literally thousands of low income tenants lost their long time homes due to the Ellis Act move in clause to be replaced by ABnB.

This is now the 5th time the Mission has been under attack by developers since the 1940’s. And every time there has an ever increasing number of new people who just want to slum their way into the hood. And most certainly the newbie will the never be told that it will be at the expense of someone else who can no longer afford to live there. Yeah the little t-kiddies were just pawns to be used by downtown conservatives (yeah there are a whole lot of closet republicans here) and developers, and small time land lords — but more to the point, once they realized that they were being used, most did nothing.

So how about a “Sorry Mission District, for every tenant or low income artist that lost their home due to our (ABnB) speculation, I promise to find you a new home that you can afford and also promise to actually learn the entire history of how white racists have been destroying the state for the last 200 years, rather than the crap most of them learn about in school.”

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