A Familial Sting

A night has passed and the the familiar sting of a loss still resonates in my mind. I do not speak of the loss of a person, fortune or even a beloved pet. I am talking about the Los Angeles beloved Dodgers and their early exit from the 2015 National League Division Series. You might roll your eyes and say it’s just a stupid game or that it bears no weight on your life, but you’re wrong. You spend hours upon hours watching and learning a team for eight months. You immerse yourself in discourse from professional writers and fans on Twitter. You read every article published on the Dodgers and tweets, siphoning through the trolls and intelligent. You form your own opinions and create an even deeper connection with the team and fans. This quasi-relationship with a sports team creates a love and a connection that may be deeper than your average fan but may be even as petty as young child crying after a loss. That is the type of attention and care I have and shared with a select few. This year was especially significant because I learned so much. I picked up books on baseball, Molly Knight’s The Best Team Money Could Buy to Tom Tango’s Playing the Percentages and I gained a deeper understanding of the game. I will not say I am better than any fan, but I made an attempt to be more educated than my peers. Education is gaining knowledge, knowledge forms a bond, bonds hurt when broken. I made this attempt because I wanted to formulate better and more educated opinions of my team. I felt like I succeeded, but the pain of an early exit in the playoffs stung just that much more. See you in March.