That’s why the worst offenders tend to be those obsessed with their own egos, their influence, their alpha-male status, their dominance over others. They are smart, ambitious men whom most find charming. Some might call them narcissists or sociopaths. Others calls them leaders and disrupters. They don’t apologize for pursuing what they want. And they feel little empathy for others. Their first instinct is to care for what feeds their own sense of self, their own power.
Why don’t we trust women?
Kasey Jones

It may or may not be true that the worst offenders exhibit this behavior but it is true that most women find these types of men irresistible (“charming” as you put it) no matter how much they claim otherwise.

And the resulting love/hate, ‘Shades of Gray’-type feelings that surface is the paradoxical challenge for these women, until if and when they move beyond their “bad boy” phase in life.

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