A (Potentially) Fun “Little” $800M-ish $AAPL Mini-Puzzle

If your ears blinked during the conference call, so to speak, you may well have missed it (and 9 out of 10 conference call first-listens, so would I).

Here’s the mini-puzzle from today’s “hey, it wasn’t so bad after all” Apple Inc. FQ3 2016 Earnings Release Day. Just a mini-puzzle; the degree of difficulty’s quite modest, it’s pretty much an easter egg, so to speak. Here we go.

  1. Of course, it was about Apple’s for-the-foreseeable future breadwinner. Of course.
  2. It probably amounts to around $800M.
  3. You’ll never see it, but it could have been there. If not for that familiar foe. Or is it…fo(rc)e? Or…something that sounds li- oops, saying too much. 😨
  4. If only you could see it- or perhaps more appropriately, if only Apple were able to realize it- this would’ve pushed Apple over its top-end revenue guidance for FQ3.
  5. Perhaps that’s a bit of a misdirection/inaccurate statement, because Apple might have already “accounted for” that “missing revenue” in its guidance in the first place, but they deemed it worth an indirect mention nonetheless.
  6. “So what, it’s only $800M or so. There were at least two other numbers that added up to more than that, WAY more than that.”
  7. Yeah, it’s funny how Apple Scale works, doesn’t it. Where 1.9% of FQ3’s GAAP number disappears into the ether, almost.

Bonus: I already kinda gave a big hint in my Twitter timeline. [EDIT: Naw, that’s no fun- some curve-breakers I know might have seen it already, but for now, I deleted that tweet.]

So, what the heck am I talking about? Feel free to leave a guess below (er, if you can- I’m new to this Medium thing), or on my Twitter @AAPLTree.

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