Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain

In the past, when I was in the first year at my college, when the result came out I was astonished to see that my marks were so poor that I can’t even apply to an engineering university. One day, while talking to a group of friends in the university corridor, one of my friends advised me to have an aim in life , that what do you want to accomplish?

“In order to achieve something great, you should be ready to endure the pain the pain that comes with it”. 
 -Jacqueline Novogratz

So, that day I made an aim to do Engineering from a reputed engineering university of Pakistan. From that moment my life changed entirely. I became more focused, determined and inclined towards my goal. I used to study for 10–11 hours straight, fortunately I got an admission in the Fast University and I have been able to complete my degree successfully, Alhamdulillah.

From this whole experience and many other experiences I came to know that once I select my aim, I can go a long way to achieve my aim. I can endure many hardships and pain for that goal. I also have a habit of proving my critics wrong. Whenever someone say that you can’t do this, I think that now its my obligation to prove them wrong. Critics only make my determination level even stronger.