Most Important thing learned from the fellowship

This fellowship had been an amazing journey for me. The learning which I have got from these three months is more than the learning of my whole life.
Amal. The core purpose of joining Amal academy was to discover my purpose. We all hear that each person is sent in the world for a reason and each individual has a unique purpose. Apart from learning about my purpose, I have been able to learn approximately 30–40 new things and skills which I am going to apply in my upcoming life. The things which I have learned from the fellowship are as following.

  1. Amal
  2. Khudi
  3. Eik aour Eik giara
  4. Kam, kam aour kam
  5. #JustStart
  6. Humility
  7. Purpose/Passion
  8. ExtraMile
  9. Elevator Pitch
  10. Mentorship
  11. PASSENGER framework (Passion, Audience, Support, Specific, Engage, Non-verbal, Gratitude, Equip, Real)
  12. Resume/ Cover Letter
  13. MVTP
  14. Secrets of Positive Thinking
  15. Problem Solving
  16. Importance of Networking
  17. Business Writing
  18. Professionalism (Punctuality, Dressing, Energy)
  19. 9 tips for career development
  20. Productivity
  21. Facing your failure
  22. Lifelong Learning
  23. Smart Goals
  24. Difference between hobby/ job/ career/ vocation
  25. Importance of gratitude
  26. Importance of networking (peers, mentors etc)
  27. Acts of kindness
  28. Life of immersion
  29. Communication Skills (Written, oral)
  30. Team-Work
  31. Problem Solving
  32. Stress management
  33. Time management
  34. Happiness advantage
  35. Interesting vs interested concept

These are some of the skills/concepts that I have learned from the Amal Academy. The unique thing about the Amal Academy is that it believes in the practical implementation of the skills and not just the theoretical concepts. Amal has essentially made us a lifelong learner. Amal is an essential part of our life now. The concept which I believe to be very powerful is,

Its not about the destination ! It’s about the journey, and it is important that you enjoy the journey because that’s where all the learning is.

For me the most important thing that I have learned from the Amal Academy is Amal. The reason I believe this to be the most important thing is you may have 100 brilliant ideas in your mind but they are just ideas and are of no worth unless you have Amal ; unless you take action and try to execute those ideas. I have thought to apply this principle in my practical life. Whenever I will have a new idea in my mind, I will apply Amal and go and try to execute that idea. Whether fruitful or not, but at least I will have a clear view about the potential of that idea.

In the end I would like to thank Sir Benje Williams and the whole Amal Team for putting up such an extraordinary work.

Thank You from the bottom of my Heart !
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