Sharing a story of your mentor

My mentors had been my parents and my cousins who are elder than me, and specially Mudassar Zeb Khan, who is in the same field to me. He has helped me whenever I needed any kind of help related to the career.

A mentor nourishes the mentee and help him reach his full potential

For instance when I got admission in AIR, FAST and COMSATS he helped me decide the right field and the right university.He told me about the pros and cons of selecting this field for me. He also told me how important it is to select the field of your interest, and how your chances of success are dramatically increased if you choose the field of your interest. Whenever I used to meet him in any kind of gathering he used to ask me to give feedback about my career to him, which was very encouraging.

bonding of mother and son

Apart from him my mentor has been my mother. My father is the one who always listens to me wholeheartedly, provide solutions to my problems, shows sympathy, cares for me and is always worried about my personal and the professional life. A mother always gives you an emotional and psychological support. In fact my mother has been a working women for 28 years, serving Pakistan Army, which is also very influential for me. She was very hardworking and dedicated; and she managed his professional life and the personal life very smartly. She is one of the biggest role models for me.

These mentors helped me grow and reach where I am today. My mentors share a huge credit for all my achievements and the accomplishments.

“I believe the first test of a truly great man is in his humility”
-John Ruskin

I would like to say that humility and gratitude are essential components to get the most out of your mentor-mentee relationship. If you don’t have humility first of all you would not be able to approach the mentor properly. Secondly, in order to give your mentor respect and to earn his respect you need to have humility. Humility has dual-sided benefits; firstly it gives the confidence to approach people confidently and secondly it and on the other hand it also helps you remain humble.