So much for, “Don’t be evil.”

I’ll start by admitting that I've loved Google since the first time I realized that most of us have instant access to any piece of information we can ask for in your pocket or purse. Got a question? Just google it… It’s practically a verb. I now rely on Google services every day to run my life.

I rely on Google maps or Waze (which is owned by Google) to get to potential customer’s homes on a daily basis. I use Google keep for personal notes, Google docs for business notes, Google sheets to track things, Google drive to organize everything, & I use Google’s Chromecast (or just cast, or whatever they call it now) for streaming Netflix from my Android phone to my TV. I use Google photos for pictures, & I answer surveys on Google opinion rewards for Google play credits to buy apps in the Google play store. I use Google play music, YouTube red (also owned by google), Inbox for Gmail, Google plus (not sure why), Google play newsstand, Google calendar, & I have the Google Now launcher on my phone. Needless to say, I’m pretty bought into the Google ecosystem.

So why is Google killing my Google Wallet card?

Google is competing with Applepay. I get that. When Google wallet came out I liked the idea of contactless payments. It made sense to me, so I bought in. I downloaded the app. I attached my bank account. I transferred funds. But in practical day to day usage, what I found is that very few vendors in the US support contactless payments.

What’s worse is when you’re out to eat. Let’s say that you go to a fancy restaurant… If I’m using Google wallet to pay, are you supposed to hand the waiter your phone, & expect that they won’t look at you like you’re a crazy person?

This is where the Google wallet card comes in. Instead of expecting a secure transaction using my phone at a restaurant, I can just hand the waiter my google wallet card. It’s the same as any other credit card, except that it’s attached to my google account.

To go even further: I separate my business & personal expenses for tax purposes. Google wallet is how I do that. If I have a work expense, I transfer funds to my google wallet account so I can track it.

Why then, is Google canceling all Google wallet cards next month?

This makes no sense to me. Not everyone can use their phone to pay for everything yet. I obviously can’t use applepay on my Galaxy S5. I also can’t use Samsung pay for some reason. This means I’m forced do use android pay or google wallet. Google wallet is the only one that has a credit card attached, which means that when they cancel it, the only people who will be able to conveniently pay w their google account are people with brand new devices.

That seems a little evil.

What makes this even worse is that this is happening at the same time that Google is killing Revolv, an IOT company that was bought by Nest, which is under Alphabet’s umbrella. There are people who bought into Revolv, spent thousands of dollars on equipment, & are now being told to essentially fuck off. If this is the new company policy of Google’s parent company Alphabet, then I want no part of it.

This is unacceptable behavior by Google, a company that made 74 billion dollars last year. If they want to keep the trust they’ve earned thus far, they should do the right thing and continue to support the products they release.

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