Myths surrounding colds and flu.

We all love a story or two. In fact the juicer the story the better. But what happens when the story is undoubtedly interesting but false as well? When it comes to the flu, most of us have a fact that we strongly believe in , whether or not it is medically proven to be true.

Like for example;

  1. Catching a cold is caused by a weak immune system

This is actually not true. Having a weak immune system doesn’t necessarily mean that you are susceptible to a cold. However, ensure that you maintain a healthy balanced diet as well as engage in regular exercise will help you recover in case you get one.

2. Vitamin C and zinc stop colds.

You’d be surprised at how many people actually believe this is a fact when it isn’t. There isn’t any medical proof that this is true. However, it is known that they do help shorten the duration of the cold as they facilitate a faster healing process.

3. Antibiotics can cure colds/flu.

It is important to note that colds and flu are caused by a virus known as the Influenza Virus. This means that without a doubt, antibiotics cannot be prescribed as medication as they treat bacterial infections.

4. Chicken soup will help fight colds

One of the benefits of chicken soup is that eases the symptoms that come with cold and flu. It aids in decongestion as well as soothes a sore throat. Let’s not forget it’s tasty too. :)

Don’t always believe what you hear out there. We welcome you to visit any of our outpatient centres as we offer flu vaccination. #kAARibu

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