4 Must-Visit Coffee Places in Prague Center

Prague is known for its rich coffee culture. And it has every right to be! You will hardly walk on a street that doesn’t have it’s own coffee place. With finals knocking on the door, a bit of liquid energy will surely be useful. See what an AAU student Irina recommends. #praguecoffee




Anenská 188/3, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
Tricafe is situated in the heart of the city within walking distance from Charles Bridge. It is the perfect place for lovers of homemade cakes and tasty coffee. It is not good for big groups because of the tiny tables, but it’s a perfect place to spend time with your friend or significant other. Inside the cafe reminds old fashioned flat from the second part of 20th century. It is a very quiet place to relax after noisy tourists on the main streets.

Café №3

Jakubská 637/3, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
Café №3 has only 12 seats and is often full, so it’s better to make a reservation! It is really small with homemade food and friendly staff. The must try is their hot chocolate which is very thick and creamy. You can enjoy your drink while listening to good music and looking out at old Prague. Prague street.

Bella Vida Café

Malostranské nábřeží, 3 | Malá Strana, Prague 1
Bella Vida Café has a great interior with old antique furniture. It’s location is perfect, very close to the Vltava. If the weather is nice it is possible to get a seat outside and see the beautiful landscapes of Prague. The menu is very diverse, so you can have your coffee with a nourishing breakfast in the morning. The café is big and roomy so you can go as part of a big group or even plan an event there.

Café Lounge

Plaská 615/8 | Malá Strana, Prague 5
Brought to you by the same owners as of EMA Espresso Bar, Café Lounge is a great place for early morning meetings, a lunch retreat, a tasty dinner and, of course, one the best coffees in Malá strana. At this café they give out sudoku or quiz questions with each coffee so it’s the perfect opportunity to have a little competition with your fellow coffee gang. Be sure to check out their placemats with a lovely artistic representation of the quarter. You must try their mouthwatering Irish coffee. Snag a seat in the front of the café to watch the skilled baristas at work!

Written by an AAU Business Administration student Iryna Popsui.

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