Ask for Help — Freshman Survival Guide: Tip 6

No one will know that you have a problem unless you speak up about it.

“I wish I wasn’t afraid to ask questions in my first year in college,” says Nhi Pham from the School of Business Administration.

“When I stumbled upon something I couldn’t understand, I made an ‘excuse’ that I can look into it later at home. But then laziness would creep in. Or sometimes the book provided a way more complicated explanation for the concept than the one in class. Many times, the professor would prefer you learning his method instead of the one described in the textbook.”
New Student Orientation Fall 2017

Pham advises students to ask their professors for clarification whenever confusion occurs. This move may also help other puzzled students understand the subject better, while giving you participation points.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. No one will know that you have a problem you might need help with unless you speak up about it. If you don’t know how to use the printer in the library, ask the librarians. If you experience mild depression or other issues, visit AAU’s Psychological Counseling Center. If you don’t know what kinds of events are going on in Prague, check out the series “What’s Up Prague” by Prague TV, hosted by an AAU student from the School of Journalism. If you’re having trouble with writing a paper, visit the Academic Tutoring Center. With any questions regarding your major, don’t hesitate to email your dean, or drop by his/her office. If you have general questions about student life or planning your future career, you can also pop by the Student Life and Career Center! We’re here to help you if you ask us. :-)

“The most crucial [thing I wish I knew in my first semester] would be knowing about the existence of the Academic Tutoring Center that helps students perfect their essays and citations,” says Arevik Mayis, an AAU alumna.

“I never realized the importance of [avoiding] plagiarism and was unaware of its many forms before completing English composition classes during my first year at AAU.”