Know What to Avoid — Freshman Survival Guide: Tip 1

“I lost a substantial amount of money before I found a good place to exchange money,” says Rohit Kuwad, a third-year student of AAU’s School of Business Administration, warning freshmen to watch out for certain things when in Prague. “Most of the accommodations are overpriced; and the real estate agencies sometimes take advantage, knowing you don’t speak [Czech].”

If this is your first time in the Czech Republic, read through this list of things to avoid, published in Lennon Wall magazine, AAU’s student-run magazine; or talk to one of our student mentors (part of the AAU Buddy Program), who are here to help guide you through the college maze as well as life in the city. Here’s another secret: Ask your classmates for their college life hacks, some might blow your mind.

AAU Mentors (AAU Buddy Program)