Prague’s Summer: A Watch-out List

There’s no doubt that Prague is the most beautiful in summer. Daytime lasts for 16 hours. Sunflowers and roses are in full bloom across the city. As you lie under an oak tree and watch lazy clouds leisurely pass by in the blue sky, Prague can really feel like a dream.

There have been countless blogs and travel guides in print and online on how to make the best out of a summer day in Prague: green parks? early swim? ice-cream bouquet? Yes, marketers and bloggers have told you more than enough about the best of Prague. But how about the uncomfortable, the unexpected, the dangerous side of Prague to watch out to on a sunny day? Oh yeah, we are going to explore this city in an unconventional way.

Busses and Trams from 10:00 to 16:00

Yes, I’m talking about the unbearable heat and smell inside the old trams and hellish busses, most of which aren’t equipped with air conditioning. If you can take the metro or walk in a windy open space to your destination, that would be more ideal. Although last year, I got so used to the stinky odour that I thought it resembled bacon and hot dogs, but that’s just me…

No Fans? No Air Conditioning? No Way

Just like how South-East Asians never expect their winter to be cold, Czechs never know that their summer could be so hot. Most buildings, restaurants, and public transportation in Prague aren’t equipped with fans or air-conditioning. It is vital that you keep yourself hydrated. Carry a bottle of water with you all the time during summer. You’ll sweat a lot and that espresso shot won’t do. Buy a fan, take a shower, and make yourself some iced tea, so that you don’t overheat. Because headaches aren’t fun and hospitals aren’t where you want to spend your summer days.

Temperature Shock

The beauty of summer is in its surprising thunderstorms. But Prague’s downpour can be aggressive at times. The wind blows harshly and the temperature drops to a few degrees. If you just spent half a day in the sun of 30 degree, this drastic change can shock your body. Make sure to check the weather forecast, carry an umbrella with you, a light jacket or your favorite swimsuit so that you can enjoy that thunderstorm to the fullest!

Tourist attractions

Nothing is scarier in summer than making your way through crowds of sweaty people dragging their feet across the Charles Bridge, or the heat on the Old Town Square, as hundreds of people wait to watch the Astronomical Clock strike at noon. Please, your life will be way easier if you stay away from the tourist landmarks when it’s 30 degree outside. Read this list of other Dos and Don’ts if this is your first time in Prague.

Swimming in the Vltava River

Yeah, don’t do that. Ever took a stroll along Naplavka and saw threads of trash floating by? Now, you can still appreciate the beauty of the river and enjoy the breeze without getting yourself an infection or a skin rash. How about taking selfies on the river with the Prague Castle in the sunset as a background? Renting a paddle boat or going on a cruise ship sounds right to me.

Side Track: Tattoos

Now, I think tattoos are beautiful. They can say a lot about a person’s inner world and his/her history. Your colleague has a wolf at the back of her neck. The cleaning lady has skulls and guns on her arms. Your roommate has chinese characters on his ankle, and he thinks China is a continent. Without a doubt, summer in Prague is full of colors.

This Medium post was written by an AAU Journalism and Communicationsstudent, Chau Nguyen.

AAU cultivates a global learning environment, promoting analytical, creative and practical thinking in the pursuit of academic excellence.

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