High five, AAU’s fresh graduates! You’ve made it! You’ve completed the required credits, passed the state exams, and defended your theses. That’s right. Somehow, you have miraculously survived college life. Now, it’s real-life time.

AAU Graduation Ceremony 2016

Calm down. It’s not the world apocalypse (yet). AAU’s got your back.

Here’s how we support you after your graduation, even though you might be on the other side of the planet. Because #onceAAUforeverAAU.

1. Alumni Club: Free Library Usage and Invitations to the Best Events

The goal of the Alumni Club is to provide help and support following your graduation, resources and benefits for your personal and professional life throughout your career, and to offer you possibilities for networking, socializing, and for generally staying in contact.

Your Alumni Club membership offers:

  • Access to the campus Library and its resources
  • Invitation to the annual AAU Ball
  • Contacts in the Mentorship Program
  • The Alma Mater — a copy of the quarterly alumni newsletter
  • Various discounts on products and services
  • Invitation to AAU alumni mixers (3x per year)
  • Invitations to other AAU-hosted events (discussions, lectures, informal events)
  • Invitations to regular networking/business events hosted by AAU
  • Discounts on AAU tuition (for future degree-seeking students)

To become a member, get your AAU Alumni Card right now! Contact the University Advancement Office for more details at alumni@aauni.edu.

2. Zero Unemployed Graduates

AAU prepares you for the skills you need to stand out in the employment market out there and achieve your dream job.

Unsure if your resume is strong and will impress employers? We hold workshops that give advice on building a powerful resume and boosting your confidence during an interview.

Alumni Spring Reunion 2016

Lack professional experience? Wish to apply your knowledge from class to reality? We offer internships based on YOUR particular majors. You will be exposed to working professionals and small businesses as well as entrepreneurs, agencies, and non-profits. Keep calm, because the AAU Career Center will help you all the way!

3. The Fun Never Stops When You’re an Alumni Ambassador

If you love organizing events, fun, and AAU, you have to become an Alumni Ambassador. Alumni Ambassadors plan gatherings, such as reunion events or business mixers, to maintain connections with each other and the university. You will help strengthen the bonds within the Alumni Community on both personal and professional levels! Email alumni@aauni.edu now for more information.


4. Work Opportunities Everywhere

Work opportunities can be gained through the above-mentioned internships, part-time jobs, career expos, and partnerships, but more critically, through events that AAU hosts; where AAU alumni gather to share business contacts and reconnect on a professional level.

5. Mentoring the Next Generation of Graduates

Maybe you have a list of 10 things you wish you knew before getting that first full-time job. Maybe your life story can inspire, help, or give guidance to others. And maybe you’ll be enlightened by these creative energetic young people as well. This is why the AAU Mentoring Program is for you!

The Mentoring Program is where one individual provides support, encouragement, and guidance to another, based on their experience, life, and knowledge relative to the mentoring theme.

6. Amazing Experiences and Unforgettable Memories

No more quizzes at 8 a.m. No more sleepless nights trying to understand post-structuralism and how the brain makes decisions for a three-hour exam the next day. No more humongous loads of homework about externalities, public goods, and Pigovian taxes. We hope that during your years at AAU, you have:

  • Had a lot of unforgettable experiences
  • Met many incredible and inspiring people
  • Met someone special?
Have you met someone special at AAU?
  • Learned more about yourself
  • Gained more knowledge about another culture
  • Made friends with people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds
  • Learned to love yourself and others
  • Been inspired to take on tougher challenges in life

You’ve made AAU proud and we hope you are proud of us too. We wish you the best of luck in everything you do, and see you around! #LoveAAU

This Medium post was written by an AAU Journalism and Communications student, Chau Nguyen.

AAU cultivates a global learning environment, promoting analytical, creative and practical thinking in the pursuit of academic excellence.

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