The first Data Science in Finance Conference in the Netherlands is a fact. From 20–22 April ING, Rabobank and de Volksbank, and ABN AMRO join forces in this unique event. During these three days, data scientists from different banks will share knowledge on the main challenges on KYC and anti-money laundering, fraud detection, bias & fairness, explainable AI, and financial risk.

There are still a few spots left! So data scientists in banking: take your chance and sign up (for free!) for the Data Science Finance Conference now! Read more about the event below.

The conference

Banks in the Netherlands (ABN AMRO…


ABN AMRO has a strong, customer-centric vision: to be a personal bank in the digital age, and to provide “banking for better” for generations to come. Achieving that vision means digitizing its operations and moving to a cloud-first approach. Having already implemented Microsoft 365, the company has now turned its attention to updating the on-premises legacy customer relationship management (CRM) system it had in place.

The team at ABN AMRO chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the destination to take its CRM system into the future. …


It has been a while, but we have organized a nice MeetUp again! We hope to welcome you physically soon, but for now, we will host the MeetUp online. We would like to welcome you online on Thursday, April 22nd, 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM GMT+2. We have a great program planned with Kai Niemi from Cockroach Labs! There are only 250 spots, so don’t hesitate and register here (for free!). Read more about the event in the article below.

The Cockroach Labs

The Cockroach Labs corporate mission statement is to “make data easy”. As organizations move to the cloud, they are challenged…


Tikkie is more than a payment request. For instance, you can easily get a cashback on your favorite product. Or pay for your drink with Tikkie in a bar or restaurant. With Tikkie at hand, you always stay in the flow!

Whether it is grocery shopping, benefits or quickly paying for your lunch on the way to the next appointment. We want to make it more fun and easier with our app, so you can quickly get back to the other things you do.

If you want to improve your life as a developer, you often need to learn new ways of doing things. A new discipline or way of working can be a gamechanger. One of these disciplines is Test-Driven Development (TDD). It can speed up your work, while also making it more fun and helping you build better code that is easy to understand for others.

So why aren’t we all doing this? Maybe because we have not seen the benefits for ourselves yet. Or maybe we used to see testing as something for testers? Myself, I just was not aware of…


Sharing and analysing data is a fundamental part of detecting financial crime. The more relevant information we can analyse, the more effectively our crime analysts can work. While our clients’ privacy is paramount, an innovative approach could reconcile these two key goals. The Dutch scientific research organisation TNO is testing this together with Rabobank and ABN AMRO. A new system using ‘fake data’ is showing promising results.

New technologies have huge potential in the fight against financial crime. But it requires cooperation between several parties, as many past initiatives have shown. Also, these technologies are still in the fledgling stages…


We are excited to announce the ten startups selected to join the ABN AMRO & Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator, virtually in these pandemic times, in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the birthplace of many financial innovations over centuries past that continue to influence the world of finance today. The first IPO, first mutual fund, and the first fully-fledged stock market were all born here. The Dutch history of financial innovation serves as our inspiration as we combine the two powerful networks of Techstars and ABN AMRO Bank.

The financial sector has an important role to play in the transition to a…


The newest software at ABN AMRO is ‘self-healing’ cybersecurity software, which repairs itself when under attack from malignant viruses — much like the human body’s immune system does. Jointly developed by ABN AMRO and TNO, this cutting-edge cybersecurity technology is ready to be used now.

Cybercriminals look for weaknesses in software used by large companies such as ABN AMRO in order to steal data. It is becoming increasingly difficult to protect data against cybercriminals as hackers discover new, more effective and more professional ways to find their way around in our digital world. …


On March 24 and 25 (15:30–18:45), FutureTech will take place online. The overall theme of FutureTech is Microsoft technologies. You can expect the best national & international speakers delivering quality content about the hottest IT topics. Tickets are free, so register now! Want to know more about the event and the talk of Michael Bentley from ABN AMRO? Read more below.

Attend Future Tech Digital 2021 to learn all about the newest Microsoft technologies and meet other .NET professionals. This year, the conference will be fully online. Have the experience of a physical event joining the high-quality event platform Future…


ABN AMRO has entered into a partnership with the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), joining forces in the AI Startup Lab, an initiative of ACE Incubator. AI is short for artificial intelligence. In the AI Startup Lab, large companies like ABN AMRO present their challenges to AI students, who then use AI to develop new innovative products and services.

Two examples of assignments carried out within this partnership

One of the assignments was dedicated to sustainability, which happens to be one of the three innovation themes at ABN AMRO: optimising supply in the Dutch energy market. The team of AI students taking on this project developed a web application…


Build the future of banking! Use our APIs to automate, innovate, and connect to millions of customers. Go to: https://developer.abnamro.com/

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