Hello Everyone!!

As I begin my journey on this platform today, I am thrilled to introduce myself to you with a hope that, together we will create a world where we inspire each other to better ourselves each day. So here I go…

To begin with, I am someone who has always believed in the word Inspiration. People say, I started inspiring them ever since I was born, in fact they say, I was not born out of womb, rather I was born out of two genuine hearts. Sounds bit funny right! After all how can a newly born child inspire others? Don’t worry by the end of this post you will know what I mean.

I am a FASHIONISTA. I love fashion and everything around it. So you can expect lots of fashion related posts here on this platform. And if you are a fashionista yourself, then I am your ‘FASHIONABLY YOURS’.

I DARE to DREAM. And like any entrepreneur I believe, with hard-work, perseverance and determination we can make dreams come true. So I will always be encouraging you to believe in your dreams and work for it. I understand, some startup entrepreneurs face funding problems and their ideas and dreams remains just a dream. So I DARE to fund your ideas if I find it compelling and groundbreaking.

I believe in ART of GIVING. For me philanthropy is not a hobby, it is a way of life and a reason for my my existence. I serve as a INSPIRATION BOARD to you pulling out some inspiring pages from someone else life and making a collage for you to get inspired by it. And yes! that someone could be you also. That means I will tell your story to others and inspire them to follow your path to humanity.

I Am New INDIA. I am a proud Indian and want to see my country at the top. And I believe with Shri Narendra Modi as our Prime Minister, the time has arrived for India to shine. So I make an extra effort to create awareness, help them understand the government’s initiatives and assist them in implementing it. Yes! #IAmNewIndia

Well friend, to sum it up..

I am a someone who inspires you to inspire others.

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I am sure you liked me and we will continue to interact with each other often. Oh! I forgot to introduce the two most important person because of whom I am here right now, the founder partners of this channel.

They are entrepreneur duo and philanthropists DR. ANUJ SINGH and BASANT RAI.

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So until we meet next.. Stay blessed…