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I was researching for my father who suffers from Multiple Myeloma ( Blood Cancer) III (a) he has been undergoing Chemotherapy some of the below treatments have really helped him to withstand the side effects of chemo and steroids

Some of the Anti-Cancer Diets which was helpful

Budwig diet is rich in vegetables, fibre and fruits. You also need to avoid meat, sugar and fats like margarine, salad oil and butter.

The Budwig protocol in healing patients with cancer has an 80 to 93% success rate, this is based on Dr. Budwig’s report and other organisations that support his method in treating cancer.

Normally, flax seed is taken orally, but for severe cases it is used in enema form. The other part of the Budwig Protocol is a Specialised Diet. The results are usually noticed within 90 days, and in some cases after a week. Patients with cancer should continue with the protocol for a minimum of 6 months, regardless of whether the symptoms disappear or not.

A bowl, add 1 tsp of honey and 2 tbsps of freshly ground flax seeds. It is important that you only use freshly ground flax seeds.

Add fresh organic fruits mixture (fruits like peaches, apples, berries, grapes and others). Do not use bananas because, according to Dr. Budwig, this can quickly increase the blood sugar levels in cancer patients.

Mix 3 tbsps of flax seed oil with 100g of quark/ cottage cheese. Add 3 tbsps of unhomogenized milk to produce a smooth mixture. Blend it to get it mixed thoroughly.

You can add more flax seed oil depending on your personal taste, but in case the quark is not able to absorb the oil fully, add more as needed. Add the mixture to the bowl. You can add cinnamon or vanilla to improve the flavor, but this is optional.

The cinnamon will help in regulating blood sugar. You can add organic nuts on top.

Vitamin C injections and oxygen therapies should not be combined with the protocol.

All viruses , parasites and pathogens are, by nature, anaerobic, meaning that they thrive in the absence of oxygen, but cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Same thing goes for cancer cells. They cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment. HBOT, or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, involves the breathing of pure oxygen whilst in a closed chamber that has been pressurized at 1–1/ 2 to three times normal atmospheric pressure.

The Scientific Evidence Showing HBOT is Effective Scientific evidence shows HBOT is very effective in providing remedy in a number of diseases. The Committee on HBOT of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine suggests it for the treatment of: ·

Abscess in the brain or head

Anemia due to severe blood loss ·

Arterial gas embolism

Blockage of the retinal artery

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Certain wounds that are not healing with standard treatment ·

Crushing injuries in which there is not enough oxygen to the tissues

Decompression sickness

Fighting Cancer with Vitamins and Supplements

There are many vitamins and minerals that people claim are very effective in treating cancer, however, only a few were actually proven to be very effective. Turmeric and Curcumin happened to be one of them.

Turmeric is One of the most powerful and under-recognized of these is curcumin. Curcumin has 240 published studies that are available in the global scientific literature and is known as the most powerful cancer-preventing agent. Curcumin is extracted from the Indian spice turmeric
its chemopreventive and anti-inflammatory power.

Actually, curcumin targets 10 causative factors involved in the development of cancer. Interrupting any of these factors will protect you from developing cancer. Disrupting more than one factor will provide you better protection, including the prevention of DNA damage.

By blocking NF-kB , an inflammatory master molecule, curcumin reduces cancer-causing inflammation, lowering the levels of inflammatory cytokines all over the body. It also interferes with the formation of dangerous advanced glycation end products that promotes inflammation, which may cause cancerous mutation.

Curcumin has the ability to alter cellular signaling to have healthy control over cellular replication, which controls the cellular reproductive cycle, and helps in stopping uncontrolled propagation of new tissue in tumors. It stimulates apoptosis in reproducing cancer cells without affecting the healthy tissue and makes a tumor more susceptible to cell-killing cures.

Vitamin D is said to be cancer’s worst enemy.

Vitamin D can help you prevent more than 16 various types of cancer, which include breast, lung, ovarian, prostate, pancreatic and skin cancers.

Actually, if you have a good amount of vitamin D in your body, your risk of having cancer is reduced by 77%. Vitamin D has shown preventative benefits for many diseases, which include diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and can even reduce chronic pain.

Theories associating vitamin D deficiency to cancer have been confirmed and tested in over 200 epidemiological studies, and understanding of its physiological basis stems from over 2,500 laboratory studies.
The most important factor is keeping your vitamin D serum levels at around 50 and 70 /ml. Vitamin D from sun exposure or a safe tanning bed is the BEST way to optimize your vitamin D levels. If you take oral vitamin D and have cancer, you should monitor your vit. D serum levels regularly and also supplement your vitamin K2, since K2 deficiency is actually what produces the symptoms of vit. D toxicity.

Gerson Therapy

How Gerson Therapy is Administered The Gerson Therapy treatment plan should be followed properly.Some of the important parts of the regimen include the following:

Take 13 glasses of juice a day. The juice must be made from freshly squeezed organic veggies and fruits and should be taken once every hour.

Consuming vegetarian meals of organically grown veggies and fruits.

Taking supplements, such as Potassium, co-enzyme 10 injected with vitamin B12 Vitamins B3, C, and A, Pancreatic enzymes, pepsin and flax seed oil.

Taking chamomile enemas or coffee regularly to eliminate toxins from the body.

Preparing food without spices, oils, or salt and without using aluminium utensils or cookware.

Hope that it helps

Abhinav Gupta

Anti -Cancer

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