Corpse Pose

by: ash williams | photo: noel nichols

The cycle of a yoga class is much like that of life. We are born + our bodies rouse from their vegetative state. With beginners grace we salute the sun for the first time- bones cracking, tendons straining. Then, taking the tentative steps to awareness we toddle towards a greater focus. We evolve. Our adolescent experience builds greater strength; we find a deeper will, our body’s alert + eager. Now we slow. Cooling our pace we change focus from the fast paced physicality of our practice to the mental labors of balance + resolve. The cycle then reaches the end of this leg of its tour in the final pose: Savasana… Corpse Pose.

Now is not a time to rest. The work is not done. Here, lying on the floor, we soften. We strive to still our minds. We breath allowing thoughts to come + then letting them go just as quickly. Corpse Pose is not a final state of resolution. No. The practice of being open+ directionless + still aware is never an easy one. This is a time of retrospection + connecting with our spirit + the earth beneath us + the air around us + the heavens above us. Like water running in a creek we want to keep our consciousness cycling, not fighting the path in front of us, but welcoming it + then uncoupling from it. We accept + we release.