My Top Three Tools for Personal Productivity

When you work in startups, it’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Here’s a list of the tools that I use on a daily basis to help me work more efficiently.

Tool #1: is an amazing tool that I like to use to schedule 1:1 meetings, without the hassle of back and forth. Working for anetworking company requires you to have a ton of one-on-one meetings. I use to schedule those — for me! While not as high-touch as Zirtual it does offer the easiest way to schedule people into your day while minimizing the back and forth.

Tool #2: Momentum

A Chrome extension, Momentum is a great way to wake up to your to-do list every morning.

You see, what Momentum does is every time you open a new “tab” in your browser, you see this:

A beautiful image, quote, and “must do” for the day. It takes the place of the Post-It I typically leave on my monitor every night before leaving work.

Tool #3: Sidekick

When I send an email that I really want to monitor, I useSidekick, a great tool that literally tracks when someone opens your email via a “ping-back” function. This is an incredibly helpful tool for those that work in outbound marketing.

Know of any other tools I should use?

Put them in the comments section! I love hearing about productivity tools, and hope that we can help others work smarter, not harder.