What Types of Drainage System Does Your Property Have?

A stable drainage system is important to remove water and waste from your property and other buildings belonging with it. As a home owner understanding the type of drainage system you have could be extremely beneficial when it comes to home waterproofing, any building works or if you encounter a problem with the pipework.

We’ve listed the different types of residential drainage systems you’ll find for your property, leading to the main underground sewers.

Surface drainage: single-pipe or separate?

· Modern residential drainage systems use a single-pipe layout, with a single large vertical pipe running waste down to the underground drain.

· If you’re living in an older property you may have a separate system with two pipes. This will mean the waste and soil water are kept separate until they reach the main underground system. The larger soil pipe is commonly set on an outside wall of the house. The waste pipe ends at ground level right above the grid of the gully, which, if a blockage occurs, could contribute to overflowing sewage.

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Downspout and gutter systems

A downspout is generally a sloping pipe that connects to the gutter system of your property, directing water from the roof to the ground. These can be composed of a range of materials including copper, aluminium or steel.

Subsurface pipework

Subsurface drainage, known as a French drain, is arranged beneath the top layer of soil. This drainage system is used to draw out excess water from water-logged soil, protecting plants and trees from rotting and dying.

As the subsurface drainage system is beneath the top layer of soil, deep ditches are required to place the pipework and a large collector drain to gather the water. A sump pump may also be needed to help further draw out water from the plant or tree roots.

Slope drainage

Slope drains naturally move water away from your structures as they consist of pipework on a downward incline. This pipework can again be made from various materials such as steel, concrete or plastic, and will most often be covered with a grate to prevent anyone falling into it.

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