Say thank you to Alberta’s social workers

VIDEO: Recognizing Alberta’s social workers

February 28 to March 5 is Social Work Week in Alberta. This week acknowledges social workers, and those working alongside them, for making a positive difference in the quality of life in Alberta and elsewhere. This year’s theme for Social Work Week is, “Social Workers Embracing a Diverse and Changing World.” This is an important reminder that social workers play a vital role in supporting Albertans, and the difference they make must be acknowledged and appreciated.

Social workers are in our hospitals, our schools, our communities and on our streets. Regardless of the specific role, social workers are our navigators. They connect Albertans with various government services and social services agencies in times of need. They help families stay safe. They advocate for the vulnerable, ensuring that all Albertans receive the support they need. Social workers do their work with compassion and empathy, and collaboration, knowledge and excellent organizational skills are all essential requirements of their job. But perhaps the most important attribute social workers have is their ability to provide compassionate support. They exercise empathy and courage to help others dealing with sometimes unimaginable situations. And, they are always attentive to the needs of those they serve.

Along with myself, six of my caucus colleagues have backgrounds in social work. As a result, we can appreciate the diverse challenges of the profession. Social work requires sensitivity, a listening ear and the ability to provide thoughtful advice. Each professional is an advocate, an advisor and a friend. My experience as a social worker helped to prepare me for the many diverse challenges in my role as Minister of Human Services, and I am tremendously proud to bring my experience to such important work.

I encourage Albertans to thank someone they know who works in this important profession. Social workers enhance the quality of life in our communities and strengthen our families. In doing so, they demonstrate courage, leadership, dedication and selflessness. These efforts improve the lives of many Albertans every day and help them reach their full potential. Their work adds to the resilience of our citizens and communities, and adds to a stronger and better Alberta.

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