The side effects of exceptionally rapid evolving technology into the citizens of a future society

By 2100, AI will have evolved into such an extend that it will replace vast swatches of human employees by virtual or robotic counterparts.Strong artificial intelligence will occupy almost every level of business, government, the military, manufacturing and service sectors.

Except from extreme automation,another trend that will take place is transhumanism.Transhumanism is the evolutionary state of the human species where AI will merge with humans,something that will eventually lead into the birth of a new type of humans,called transhumans.

However,the benefits of human-AI merge will require extensive use of implants,something which a significant minority of the population still refuses to accept.Non-upgraded humans will be thousands of years behind in intellectual development.One of the reasons that the transhumans chose to merge with AI is in order to understand the latest technology.The non-upgraded humans will be intellectually unable to understand it,and the world will appear “fast” and “strange” from their increasingly limited perspective.Transhumans will literally be thousands of years ahead in intellectual development.As Ray Kurzweil said, that is due to the fact that technology evolves at an exponential rate,whereas the human mind works by thinking in linear steps.

Transhumans will seem godlike to “normal” humans.That is not meant to be taken metaphorically,but literally.The last time our frontal cortex was expanded,we created language,art and science. Just think of the qualitative leaps we can’t even imagine today when we expand our near cortex again.

The non-upgraded part of humanity will be caveman-like.In addition,there is a hypothesis called the simulation hypothesis,which says that future descendants of humans have created a simulation in which we (and the universe — or multiverse) exist in.If that is true,that only means that non-upgraded humans will likely go extinct at some point in the future.

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