Why don’t we trust women?

Why don’t men trust women? Why don’t they believe women? Fuck. Why don’t women believe women?

#1. Why don’t men realize that men are shittiest to women when no one is around?

This is an experience that nearly every woman has had. A man is funny, friendly, and seems like an all around decent guy in mixed company. He waits until a woman is alone to make sexist, misogynistic, and offensive comments. And he waits until she’s alone and vulnerable to get pushy, aggressive, and harassing.

#2. Why do we do this to women?

And why do we do it in nearly every aspect of life?

It’s not just about sexual harassment claims. Even doctors are less likely to take a woman’s complaints or concerns about her health less seriously than they will a man’s. As a woman with two chronic, incurable diseases, I’ve certainly experienced this first hand.

We give men the benefit of the doubt. We do not afford women the same luxury. Why?

I don’t have an answer. I really don’t. I’ve wracked my brain. Yes, it has a lot to do with decades (hundreds, thousands of years) of systemic, institutionalized, and culturally reinforced sexism. It’s also partly the result o flong held myths about how women are more emotional and less rational than men.

Wait it out?

Will that work?

How long will that take?

There is too much at stake to wait so long.

Women’s health is at stake. So is our safety, our ability to excel, our chances at improving our standing in government, business, and the world.

Imagine the amount of talent, brilliance, and wisdom that we are squashing because a woman’s word is doubted first and trusted last.

As far as I can see, there are only two things that can help turn this around.

  1. More women need to speak out when something is offensive, unjust, or plain old wrong. We must be willing to face the doubt and keep our heads held high despite it. It’s not fair that the burden is on us. It’s not, but so it goes, sisters. If we want things to change — and I know we do — we must continue to speak up, speak out, and take a stand.
  2. More of us — men and women — must commit to trusting women at their word and catching ourselves when we don’t. We must commit to rallying behind the women brave enough to fight against inequality, sexism, and misogyny. We must commit to taking bold stances against the perpetrators of this behavior, their companies, and their political parties. And what’s more we must be supporters, friends, and allies to the women who need us when they feel all alone in the great fight.

It won’t be easy and we won’t be perfect, but we can be better.



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Kasey Jones

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