My Experience at Deliveroo

One week ago I finished my second internship at @DeliverooEng as a backend developer in the consumer team. The 10 weeks went so fast that it’s unbelievable and I can still remember how nervous I was to come back.

Roos ❤

On my first day I was impressed to see how much the company has grown, how many new people are in the office, how many new teams are in the company and all the amazing things that they’ve been working on during the past year. It was like not seeing a newborn baby for 1 whole year and then see them walking.

During this time, I learned so much about the company, better ways to write code, teamwork, how to write tickets, how to write tests and much more. These are things that are not precisely thought in university, but that I will definitely use day to day next year when I graduate.

Consumer Team ❤

This year I had Tommy Palmer as my mentor and I couldn’t have been luckier and I cannot be more grateful. He was incredibly patient with me and explained some concepts in such way that I could understand them completely. He taught me how to fix git whenever I break it (which is quite frequently) and how to write code in a way that is going to be more efficient or easier to read. Thanks Tommy ❤ 😊

I am a Ruby on Rails developer, but this Summer I had the tasks of working in HTML emails. I also had to work in some front-end bits. As I told my manager in every 1:1 that we had, it was super challenging to work in these things and to work with translations, and most of the times I wanted to throw my laptop through the window, but at the end of the day I felt really good with the code that I wrote or to be able to see on the screen the changes that I made during the day.

What I loved about this experience was that I worked in things that now I am able to see whenever I make a Deliveroo order.

Roos @ WeWork Summer Festival

But Deliveroo is not all work. Working in Deliveroo means that you will have to go to the gym more frequently because of all the food that we have all the time, especially on Fridays when we have Friday lunch. Being part of Deliveroo also means be part of a lovely community of people that are friendly and welcoming to new people.

During my time there we organised CodeBar, we organised HackCampus demo day, we had an off site where we did a pub quiz, some of use went to the WeWork Summer festival for the weekend, and much more.

I swear words cannot describe hoe happy I was to be part of the Roo family for 10 weeks and how grateful I am of having the chance to be there for the second time. All I can say is that I cannot wait to come back next year!

Thanks for everything! I ❤ Deliveroo (: