9 Types of Entrepreneurs — Which are you?

Entrepreneur —

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur you might think of an entrepreneur as someone who is a well balanced individual, seeking to change the world. 
Here are 9 types of entrepreneurs that throw a spin on this image.

Personally, I’ve been 5 of these throughout my life

Wantapreneur —

  • Is working to make a Snapchat for cats
  • Watched all of HubSpot’s videos and attends every “startup” talk.
  • Follows Tim Ferris on Twitter and wants to retire on an island in 2 years

C*ntapreneur —

  • Thinks they’re top dog and that everyone should try to be like them
  • Probably is too cool to hang out with you unless you have a C level role

Corpopreneur —

  • Works at a large corporate that has a start up like culture in their “ideas hub”
  • Enjoys job stability, good pay and the freedom to do anything as long as it aligns with the corporate strategy

Techapreneur —

  • Uses cool tech to do something everyone understands but no one really understands
  • Servers running some code you probably never heard of
  • Probably uses Machine Learning/Visual Recognition/Block Chain

Kindapreneur —

  • Runs a flower store down the road or sells ties online, or something similar
  • Earns enough to live a happy life.
  • Not someone that fits the stereotypical image of an entrepreneur, but is one in their own right

Dontapreneur —

  • A kindapreneur that aimed big but failed.
  • Discourages everyone from daring and recommends safe things like being a trusted mahogany reseller

Entre-pro-neur —

  • Made a business because they’re really really professional at something.
  • Everyone from a retired accountant running their own firm to a former pro athlete selling their own brand of shoes

Workapreneur —

  • Moon lights and probably sleeps 3 hours a night
  • Has boxes of takeaway stacked in their kitchen

Entreprenewer —

  • Always has a newer/better idea to work on but never starts on any of them
  • Enters every possible hackathon