Is HipChat ahead of the curve with bots and integrations?

What if a bot could pick up what you’re talking about and present it to you information in a nonintrusive way? If during chats about the weather you see the forecast in a side panel? If during conversations about a JIRA issue, the issue’s details are shown on the side? When someone introduces themselves as a new hire, the bot suggests to them the companies onboarding links?

Imagine something similar to a Siri or Google Now, that can always be helping you in the background. Well HipChat has a trick up its sleeve and I’m hoping other chats catch on to it.

We all know that Slack has countless bots already available. Messenger is releasing bots to its 900M+ userbase. So what is so special about HipChat? Well as I mentioned in a previous article, there are UX/UI issues that are preventing chatbots from reaching their full potentials. This is where HipChat comes in.

It takes integrations to a new level by allowing developers to embed UI components into the chat’s side-bar. This can allow chat bots functionality to be aided by a variety of visual tools.

Currently, there aren’t many apps that take full advantage of this. Probably due to the limited amount of developers in the ecosystem. Hopefully, we will see a new era of chatbot apps where the conversation happening in a room can be enhanced with a dynamic and advanced UI.

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