Top 3 Facebook Messenger Bots (April 2016)

Facebook recently announced their grand vision — One day your whole interaction with a business could be done without needing to chat (much) with any human being.

However, that is all in the future. While many are critiquing how practical these bots are and some are raving on about how they’re the future. I wanted to share the top 3 bots I’ve found and hope to give y’all a glimpse of how the bot landscape is looking right now.

Note that at this point in time there aren’t that many bots to choose from, so this is more of a list of bots you might fun to play around to get a feel for what’s to come.

These were all found with the help of . Feel free to explore there yourself.

1) Sequel Stories

Top of the list because this actually allows you to interact with it for a long time. Even though it is a standard choose your own adventure bot, the fact that it is on messenger throws a new spin on everything.

For one, since it’s in a chat you can’t help but feel at times that it’s someone else on the other side asking you questions. 
I personally would’ve preferred it if they went one step further and made a separate adventure during feel that you’re talking with a person. Similar to Lifeline but more real time.

2) Poncho

The reason this made the list is because it trolled me. It was the only app which made me want to joke around with it. Whether it was my own stupidity or clever programming, this made me laugh. The only way I can explain this bot is through assembled screenshots from parts of our … “conversation”…

And then the kicker

3) Operator

Operator recommends products to you through chat. If you’re trying to understand how e-commerce and Facebook messenger interacts, then I think this is it.It is something I can imagine a lot of other businesses trying out in the near future. There is another similar app called Spring which was, unfortunately, unavailable in my region.