Make Pharma Great Again with Artificial Intelligence: some Challenges
Mostapha Benhenda

Thanks, the article is great with solid and interesting references. I would disagree with the previous commentary by JJ McGill, though. Although biologics and genetic therapies are advancing with increadible rate, the time for small molecule-based drug discovery is not only over, but it is in some ways experiencing a growth. The market and methods of research are changing, though. I would predict that the future is indeed somewhere in a genetic engineering and cell therapies, but the small molecules will always keep their niche in the closest forseeable future. With increasingly sophisticated methods of database analytics and computational tools, like machine learning and stuff of this kind, we are just starting to really scratch the surface of the hugely untackled drug-like chemical space. I am not even saying about a recent trend with DNA-encoded libraries providing access to billions of novel molecules.