MouseBelt & AC3 are ICON P-REP Candidates

We’re excited to announce that AC3 and MouseBelt are officially an ICON (ICX) P-REP candidate to help support the ICON Network. Check out the MouseBelt announcement here!

If you’re brand new to ICON it is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. As a global blockchain project, ICON aims to remove barriers among different blockchains and allow them to exchange values without intermediaries. ICON’s goal is to hyperconnect the world and has recently released plans to move to delegated proof of stake (dPoS) using public representatives (P-REPs)


As announced on December 21st, AC3 is moving to the ICON network. The following are the token swap details and clarification to questions received since the announcement.

Please note we are migrating AC3 coins on the existing AC3 network to the AC3 token on the ICON network.

AC3 Token Swap Process

The process is simple and only takes 10–20 minutes, please complete the token swap form HERE:

Token Swap Schedule

Start: December 26th 3:00 PST (UTC -8:00 hours)

End: December 31st 3:00 PST (UTC -8:00 hours)

Token swap submission will be processed and distributed by the first week of January 2019.

Important Notices

1. Please be aware that…

We are excited to announce that AC3 is joining the ICON network! With the rapid growth of AC3s global community, it was an easy decision to partner with ICON who is building the largest decentralized network in the world.

Recently, we had several successful beta campaigns with CRED, ICON and ontrackTV. With the AC3 Growth Platform going live, the increased number of users far exceeded initial projections. With the current number of clients ready to launch January campaigns, the platform is on target to have ten international customers and over four thousand active earners on the platform in Q1’19. …

Stephanie Hutson!

Stephanie Huston is a Bay Area-based backend software developer at Shotput a seed-funded startup working on improving logistics for small and medium company distribution. Continually challenging herself mentally, culturally and physically, she looks at life as an adventure and is energized by her passions for environmental and global sustainability, social equality and helping others achieve personal growth.

How did you first learn about programming?
I first learnt about programming in 1995, when my dad was learning BASIC and decided to write a few games for me and my sisters. I was only 5 at the time, so I didn’t fully understand…

Daniel Jih in his Stanford graduation robes

Daniel Jih is a software engineer based in San Francisco, CA. He has held several engineering-focused positions at both software behemoths like Tripadvisor as well as at startups and at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory in defense research. He is now working at SF-based Amplitude Analytics where he focuses on managing the startups SDKs and integrations

How did you first learn about programming?
I first learned of programming back in middle school and high school when I tried to make my own website. Back then people made websites on Geocities and Angelfire for their own hobbies or online communities. I made my own…

Matthew Graziano is an experienced software developer and entrepreneur based in the Greater Boston Area. Founder of Ambrao Solutions, Matthew provides scalable mobile software development and consulting services to high growth technology firms like GrabCAD, Toast and Sonde Health.

How did you first learn about programming?
I first got into computers in my teenage years. It was the early 90’s so memory was still being measured in megabytes, floppy drives came standard, and clunky CRT monitors were the norm. It was an exciting time because changes in the industry were happening rapidly and very tangibly. Everything was getting faster, smaller…

Kevin Urrutia (right) — Photo courtesy of Kevin Urrutia

Kevin Urrutia is a programmer and entrepreneur based in Manhattan, New York. He has held a number of product development roles at software companies and startups including Mint, Zaarly as well as leading up his own web and app consulting firm OneTinyBit. Currently, he applies his programming knowledge to his own entrepreneurial endeavors including a new outdoor adventuring company, Montem and an on-demand home cleaning service in NYC called MaidSailors.

Reach Kevin via twitter and Github @danest.

How did you first learn about programming?
I started programming when I was in middle school or high school. I was playing this web-based…


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