The First Blockchain For Content Creators and Educators

Oct 1, 2017 · 4 min read


Ecosystem Overview
Online content creators and educators have become a global phenomenon that requires a global solution. The e-learning vertical alone is expected to reach approximately $325 Billion within the next decade. The established e-learning trends in the marketplace are focused on categories such as programming; cybersecurity; gaming; cloud-based solutions; corporate MOOCs (massive open online courses); design; digital marketing; innovations in wearable technologies and learning management systems. As the growth continues, the top venture capital investment firms continue to invest heavily in e-learning platforms and businesses.

The Problems
First, how content creators get paid inconsistently and inadequately is a problem — particularly in the e-learning ecosystem. Currently, a content creator has namely two options to receive compensation for their services, either through an advertisement-sharing model or through a membership model.

Second, the e-learning landscape has been infiltrated with service providers that charge a substantial amount of fees and transaction costs. These costs typically range from 10% to 45%, which the service provider keeps. The fee schedule associated with the available processing providers is complex. YouTube and Facebook’s new “Watch tab” feature pays out only 55% of advertisement revenue of a creator’s content. While Google does not disclose what it pays, its AdSense partners’ forums estimate that partners make between $0.001 and $0.005 a click — depending on what type of ads they run. This not only makes content creators’ income low and consistently undefined, but it also makes income unreliable. The current payment environment makes it difficult for content creators’ to generate substantial income.

Third, In order to generate income from online platforms, content creators and educators have moved to a membership format where they are paid a recurring monthly amount for content. Creators have searched for the ability to unlock alternative revenue streams through subscriptions and recurring patronage. “Lots of creators are relying on an ad-supported model,” said Patreon VP of data science and operations Carlos Cabrera during a recent interview with Variety. “That model is broken.” Therefore, educators have become heavily reliant on third-party payment processors like PayPal, membership-based platforms like Patreon and major credit networks.

Fourth, content creators have become heavily reliant on credit cards, third-party payment processors like PayPal, membership-based platforms like Patreon and direct-platform payment models like Lynda to process payments. As a result of this reliance and lack of payment processing alternatives, these content creators are paying substantial fees per transaction.

The Solution

Beyond payments, we’re building a multi-purpose blockchain with features that will help creators and educators generate sustainable monthly income.

AC3 Blockchain Features
1. Recurring payments enabling creators to create long-term revenue streams
2. Proof of Creation (POC) allowing creators to fully own their content; analogous to copyrighting (2018)
3. Exclusive video content that will be distributed directly to an AC3 wallets after payment (2018)

AC3 Specs:
Name: AC3
Ticker: AC3
Quantity: A maximum amount of 100,000,000 AC3tokens have been created
Algorithms: X11 and DGW3
Target time per block: 2 minutes (difficulty recalculation every block)
Block reward: 0.01 ACAD (email for mining details)

AC3 Distribution
Total number of AC3: 100,000,000
Maximum number of tokens for purchase: 20,000,000
80% of tokens are pre-mined and used for distribution
10,000,000 (10%) Pre-sale (50% discount)
10,000,000 (10%) Token Generation Event
20,000,000 (20%) Public Contributors
20,000,000 (20%) Management incentives
20,000,000 (20%) Partnership Development
20,000,000 (20%) Distributed to Community

Token Generation Event Terms
19,500 ACAD = 1 BTC
1,400 ACAD = 1 ETH
2,200 ACAD = 1 BCH
Purchase limited to 500,000 AC3

Distribution of Funds
Development: 40% of funds
Community: 30% of funds
Administration: 10% of funds
Marketing: 10% of funds
Reserve: 5% of funds
Legal: 5% of funds

Does AC3 have a community?
Yes, AC3 starts with a large community of programmers and developers. Additionally, we reach over 2.3 million designers and developers each month (550k to 650k every week)

Can I use the AC3 network today?
Our network, blockchain, and wallet are fully-functional with active users. There is both a waiting list of creators to onboard and requests to purchase AC3 before launch. Creators will begin announcing they are accepting AC3 in December and January 2017 when AC3 is listed on a crypto-exchange.

What has the team done previously together?
The AC3 team has a successful history together developing, building and growing advanced and disruptive technology companies in the content creation and education space. Their last company that was financing students to learn programming was acquired by one of the highest respected CTOs Max Levchin in August 2015.

How can I contact the AC3 team?
Please contact our team directly via Telegram or email.

Will AC3 be partnering directly with businesses?
Yes. With creators on Udemy, Coursera, YouTube, and dozens of other platforms we will be announcing platform partnerships in mid-2018


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