Dec 21, 2018 · 3 min read

We are excited to announce that AC3 is joining the ICON network! With the rapid growth of AC3s global community, it was an easy decision to partner with ICON who is building the largest decentralized network in the world.

Recently, we had several successful beta campaigns with CRED, ICON and ontrackTV. With the AC3 Growth Platform going live, the increased number of users far exceeded initial projections. With the current number of clients ready to launch January campaigns, the platform is on target to have ten international customers and over four thousand active earners on the platform in Q1’19. Therefore, the timing could not be better to upgrade networks.


To show our appreciation to all AC3 token holders that have been supportive and held steady since we launched in the summer of 2017, AC3 will show our thanks by giving all holders a 20% increase of their coin holdings during the swap. 2018 was a challenging environment for cryptocurrencies and we would like to acknowledge and reward your perseverance and trust in us.

Swap Ratio is 6.6:1 for each token held

Example: 100 AC3 tokens currently held will yield 660 new AC3 tokens on the ICON network

Total AC3 Tokens Outstanding: 100,000,000 (pre swap)

Total AC3 Tokens Outstanding: 550,000,000 (post swap)

Why a token swap?

The network change maintains our highest priority of token security.

The increase in total outstanding tokens will allow us the required amount of tokens to run our global applications.

The ICONex wallet features allow users to store AC3, ICX and a number of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. The ICONex wallet provides faster transactions with user-friendly UX and UI. The wallet is available as a Chrome extension for PC users with mobile versions for Android & iOS. The wallet includes standard storage, transfer and wallet backup features.

Token Swap Details

The AC3 token that currently runs on the AC3 network will be swapped to an AC3 token that runs on the ICON network. Please be aware that once the token swap is made, the transaction is irreversible. The AC3 tokens that are swapped will be obliterated and will no longer used. The burned AC3 tokens will not be in the total outstanding amount.

Token Swap Process

Due to the holidays and to shorten the window for bad actors to attempt scams during the AC3 token swap, we will only send the specific instructions on how to implement the AC3 token swap on December 26th at 1:00 PST (UTC -8:00 hours). The swap process is simple and designed for maximum protection of all AC3 token holders.

Token Swap Schedule

Start: December 26th 3:00 PST (UTC -8:00 hours)

End: December 31st 3:00 PST (UTC -8:00 hours)

Questions regarding token swap

Please direct any questions to and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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