As announced on December 21st, AC3 is moving to the ICON network. The following are the token swap details and clarification to questions received since the announcement.

Please note we are migrating AC3 coins on the existing AC3 network to the AC3 token on the ICON network.

AC3 Token Swap Process

The process is simple and only takes 10–20 minutes, please complete the token swap form HERE:

Token Swap Schedule

Start: December 26th 3:00 PST (UTC -8:00 hours)

End: December 31st 3:00 PST (UTC -8:00 hours)

Token swap submission will be processed and distributed by the first week of January 2019.

Important Notices

1. Please be aware that once the token swap is made, the transaction is irreversible since the AC3 tokens will be burned (destroyed).

2. There may be SCAM attempts to impersonate AC3. If you detect any SCAM attempts, use common sense and please contact us at

3. There may be disruption and volatility during the token swap period on the exchanges that list AC3: Bibox, BTC Alpha, SouthExchange and Cryptopia*. We are working with Cryptopia to relist early next year (2019).

4. We expect some trading delays after the swap is completed because it is the end of the calendar year and the exchanges have to implement the requisite network technical changes.

5. AC3 will expand the number of exchanges that will support our new token in 2019.

Clarification on the 20% bonus

We received a considerable amount of positive feedback regarding the bonus and the need for some clarification. To show our appreciation, we announced that all AC3 cryptocurrency holders will receive an additional 20% bonus as part of the swap.

Total AC3 Coins (AC3 Network) Outstanding: 100,000,000 (pre-swap)

Total AC3 Tokens (ICON Network) Outstanding: 550,000,000 (post swap)

The swap ratio is 5.5 for each 1 token currently held (5.5:1). Example: 100 AC3 coins swapped will yield 550 new AC3 tokens on the ICON network. Additionally, a 20% bonus will be added to each amount of tokens swapped, resulting in a 6.6 to 1 ratio (6.6:1). Example: 100 AC3 coins swapped results in 660 new AC3 tokens on the ICON network.

The intended goal of the 20% bonus is to thank those who have supported AC3 in 2018. With that said, we received the same question multiple times. If AC3s are purchased this week, are they eligible for the 20% bonus? Yes. All token holders who perform the token swap will receive the 20% bonus.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions, the team is available to help. Direct any questions to and we will respond quickly. If you include a mobile number, we will contact you directly.

Onwards and Upwards,
AC3 Team

AC3 official community

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