Taking a day

I had no reason other than “because I want to” to take the day off. No doctor appointments, no running kids to orthodontists, no deliveries to the house. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. And it was lovely.

I purposely took a day off from work when the kids were at school and my husband stayed at work. I purposely did not plan the day out (which was HARD).

Kids to school. Husband to work. I ran downstairs with coffee in hand and watched Pitch Perfect 2. I giggled. The cat purred on my lap. I didn’t even bring my phone with me.

She knew it was my day.

I drove to the local coffee shop. I looked at every item on the menu. I ordered a breakfast wrap at 10:45 and a frappe’. I ate it really slow while reading a magazine someone left.

No one said a word to me. And it was lovely.

I drove to the centuries old cemetery in town and walked around taking pictures. I thought about the people buried there. I mused as to what their “busy” days must have been. I looked at leaves and listened to birds.

It started to rain. And I stood in it, letting it seep into my soul. I breathed again. And it was lovely.
Local cemetery where I visit the dead people.

At home I wandered around the yard, taking pictures of flowers in the misty rain. I remembered how sweet they smelled and how much I love the colors. I didn’t pull one, single weed.

I took a long, hot bath. And no one asked me a thing through the door. It was quiet. I was quiet. I have not one idea as to how long I stayed in there. I never looked at the time.

I watched another movie, the live-action Cinderella. Because. Well because I like her story, her mantra “Have Courage. Be Kind.” It was a not-so-gentle reminder to stay young and talk to animals and believe in magic. I cried at the oddest moments. I haven’t wondered why until just now.

The doorbell rang. I cursed the interruption only to be overjoyed at the Amazon delivery waiting quietly at the door. It had the books & DVDs I was waiting for a whole day earlier than expected. This day was getting better and better.

I did one load of laundry but I counter-balanced that with eating leftover taco meat straight out of the Tupperware bowl. I was determined to enjoy the day to the fullest.

And it was lovely.

3:30 PM and the kids were home. The Day of Me came to an end. But instead of rushing around, coordinating dinner and homework, I played YouTube videos while the kids did their homework. I put my feet in between the cushions of the couch.

The evening was wonderful. I felt centered and renewed. It’s been a week and the effects haven’t worn off. I even took time to write this.

And it’s been lovely.
Image credit: Berkeley Breathed “Bloom County”
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