Accra Based Degree Programmes- Shape Your Careers In Ghana

To survive in today’s competitive environment, the demands and need for high quality education is increasing with each passing day. It is no more an easy affair to get employed by recruiters readily, without acquiring the skills that the industry expects. As students, it is essential that you pursue your degree programmes at educational institutionsthat provide you with skills and knowledge that are in alignmentwith the industry needs. High quality institutions are always focused on the student growth and development and to help them explore their own strengths. Good institutions always support students in their search for the right career and help them acquire the skills required for them to build a successful career.

There are a plethoraof institutions offering degree programmes in areas such asinformation technology, business and mass communication. Whatever programme you are interested in, make sure that you apply to the Colleges that will offer you the right platform to succeed in life. Always be sure to check the credibility of the institution you join finally. Various criteria can be used in selecting which institution you want to study at,such as, its physical infrastructure, quality of lecturers, programmes offered, teaching methodology and teaching aids used etc.

Another important parameter prospective students should consider is the testimonials of current students and alumni along with the success stories of previous college students. Undoubtedly, comments and opinion of current students and alumni will help you to gain an accurate picture of the kind of institution you are enrolling at.

As for the West African region, Accra is an educational hub recognized for its high quality educational institutions and for its student friendly environment. Accra is the preferredchoice for a very large number of students in the West African region. One such private tertiary institution in Accra that has been catering to the educationalneeds of students in the West African region is Academic City College Ghana. Academic City College, located in the heart of Accra on Ring Road, offers degree programmes in business, mass communication and technology. The College is well-known known for its academic excellence, successful alumni base across West Africa, diverse student body, its state-of-the-art campus and its teaching quality. Based on your career choice and academic interests, the College has various degree programmes to offer to students. The College has a strong focus on developing the entrepreneurial skills of students besides core subject knowledge in respective fields.

Besides opting for core degree programmes such as BBA or BScIT, you can choose BBA to specialize in Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Banking& Finance andin information technology. While pursuing courses in Business Information Systems and BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, students can even get the golden opportunity of getting dual certifications.

The College has partnered with the Chartered Institute of Bankers Ghana (CIBG), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), SAP and other bodies. Students also have the scope to get professionally certified in relevant areas alongside their degree programmes.

In a nutshell, it is important that the student choose the right College whichthey wants to study at. The only decision can make or break a student’s future.

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