Excellence in Education can be the key to Successful career

Vibrant communities and a prosperous society are built on the foundation of a strong education system. Countries now have more high school graduates than ever before, and more students are meeting the high academic standards than were a decade ago. University graduates are also entering a world that is more competitive, globally connected and technologically engaged than in any other period in history. With good academic achievements, a balanced career approach, a track record of success that we can build on, and with the opportunities available in a more interconnected world, the time has come for us to aim even higher.

Work on embodying the following FIVE excellence principles in you and start seeing yourself soar to excellence:

  • Have the hunger for excellence.
  • Benchmark against the best & believe that you can do it.
  • Build concrete strategy & plans & work really hard.
  • Focus your efforts & be adaptable.
  • Learn from the best

Achievement also means raising expectations for valuable, higher-order skills like critical thinking, communication, innovation, creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship. These are the attributes that employers have already told us they seek out among graduates.

At Academic City College, an accredited institution in Ghana, our vision for education includes the valuable insights and contributions of representatives from the education, business, research and innovation industry to develop and deliver industry relevant Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree programmes in Management, Information Technology and Journalism & Mass Communication.

Degree in Banking & Finance or a in Degree in Accounting can be a good stepping stone for a successful career in Ghana. BBA Marketing or Degree in Public Relations are programs that are designed to train students with latest technology and be competent and productive to a large number of industries.

A university degree gives people a rounded experience of life. It also increases the chances of getting hired and lead to economic growth, and thus making societies more strong and powerful.

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