ACCHAIN- Asset digitization tool in blockchain

ACCHAIN has building a decentralized platform for asset digitalization which is the collection community for global asset tokens.ACCHAIN is focusing on the reliable value transaction systems’ development which helping to solve out the problems in the value transfer and exchange.

Global super nodes can complete the asset digitization and asset circulation by copying ACCHAIN general ledgers. ACCHAIN has abilities to reduce unnecessary cost and simplify process for value transaction.

If those abilities can be used to develop global assets, the environment of floundering asset circulation can be changed and become more prosperous. With increasing number of ACCHAIN application, participators can complete transaction without the comprehension of dealer basic information which becomes the “trusts without trust” model. The traditional trust model will be changed which base on centralization of third party.

All participators can complete the digital assets exchange without establishing the real trust relationship. The cryptology theory and consensus system are completing identity and asset information which helps to building the fair and transparent economic society. It is also the best way for blockchain’s value realization in public.
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