ACChain Monthly Update #1

Since early 2018, your ACChain team has been making huge strides in our development as we push ourselves to not only meet our expected targets, but exceed even our own expectations.

With so much happening, we thought it best to pop the hood on our “engine of operations” and give you a peek at not only what we have accomplished in this short span of time, but also at our plans moving forward.


In February 2018, ACChain underwent a complex series of operational and technological upgrades. This process has even introduced to the project a fresh wave of “new blood” (new staff!) that has been “pumping through the veins” of our organization.

As per the stated aims of the project, ACChain has been becoming progressively more and more decentralised.

Decentralisation is the defining characteristic of Blockchain technology and ensures security, trust and equality for the entire ecosystem and community.

As a result of this move toward decentralisation, ACChain does not actually belong to any one company, but is instead managed by several parties globally and jointly — specifically ATIS, IDAXC, and, of course, ACChain’s other super-nodes across the globe.

Organisations such as ATIS and IDAXC have been a huge driving force in ensuring ACChain’s operations are performed smoothly. ATIS, running ACChain’s global community management, is being led by Genevieve Leveille. Genevieve has over 23 years of experience in Supply Chain Finance and Banking and is an expert in digital identity, market risk, liquidity management, treasury and business and industry transformation. She is a renowned international speaker and has considerable experience in all major international markets.

Genevieve was an Advisor to the Government of Estonia on their e-Residency Program; Managing Director of Anoterra; Co-Chair of the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Working Group providing strategic direction for all techUK activities related to blockchain and DLT and Senior Advisor to various blockchain solution projects.

IDAXC, led by Serena Yin, is the China super-node of ACChain, providing ongoing data and technical support across ACChain’s operations. ACChain’s community within China has been a dependable anchor throughout the entire development process. Due to its ongoing work, ACChain is better able to provide constantly-improving service and technical solutions for our users.


To better manage ACChain’s constant growth, the team made the decision earlier this year to set up “ATIS” as an international community management company.

Through “ATIS,” we will be able to create a comfortable space where you can stay up-to-date on the current milestones being met by ACChain and interact with a healthy community of individuals just like yourself. Just as importantly, “ATIS” gives you a place for your voice to be heard, allowing us to respond quickly and potentially make improvements to the project based on positive community feedback.

Security and stability have always been at the forefront here at ACChain, and that is not about to change. With a focus on creating a more user-friendly and sustainable development process, ACChain has recently engaged award-winning Entersoft to help with technology upgrades and security maintenance. Not one, but two separate teams have been sequestered to this endeavour. “Team Bangalore” and “Team China” will be hard at work ensuring that both security and continuous development remain central to all that we do here.


From the beginning of April of this year, ACChain has initiated a series of technical upgrades which will result in lasting benefits for our users.

Specifically, our team in China has been hard at work upgrading “Smart Contracts” for better asset anchoring, asset release, safety testing and DAPP development… With these improvements, the chain is now more intuitive, secure, user-friendly and efficient. Which translates into better solutions for users and clients who choose to digitise their assets on ACChain.

With the creation of our Bangalore team, we were also able to establish an offshore development centre. Since inception, this development centre has been working on stabilising the ACChain bottom technology and upgrading ACChain functionality in development and operations.


Providing high-quality experiences and intuitive software for our users has always been one of our most important primary objectives. To that end, ACChain has embraced and implemented the philosophy of DevOps. With our developer and operation teams now working hand-in-hand, we are also able to raise the bar on the quality of the software experience.

With multiple sub-teams now working under ACChain’s core in-house technical team, the increasing manpower will enable us not only to accelerate the rate of development, but also allow us a more decentralised organisational structure.

From the ongoing collaboration of both these teams, we will be able to improve productivity by automating infrastructure and workflow, giving us the ability to continuously measure application performance. This will not only allow ACChain to respond to our user’s needs faster, but will also give us the ability to increase the rate of new software updates to you, thereby maintaining a smooth and high-quality experience for all our users.

During the month of February, we saw many businesses and corporate users begin join the ACChain family and start using our bottom-chain technology to digitise their assets.

Some of the industries now utilising ACChain’s bottom chain technology include:

· Agriculture

· Health Care and welfare

· Energy

· Minerals

· Consumer goods

· Professional service platforms

… and we have no intention of stopping there!

On top of everything else, a new White Paper process is now in draft, with a target release date of November 2018.

It’s a lot to take in, but don’t worry, we have you covered. For those of you having a hard time processing all that has been going on at ACChain of late, here is just an example what we have been working on in the last month alone:

From all of us here at ACChain, we would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this huge undertaking. Your support and feedback will help to guide us through the progression and completion of this project. Going forward, we will be releasing monthly updates on our progress, so please be on the lookout for those. Until then, make sure you follow us on social media, so you don’t miss a single thing!

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