ACCHAIN Registration and ICO Operation

  1. Official website registration guide:

1)Entering, click【Account】and enter login page. New users can register here.

2) On login page, users can follow the guidance to login or register.

Note: ACCHAIN only supports email registration at the moment; if you can’t receive verification code, please check your spam box (Email setting issue).

3) Clicking 【Account】to login, the following page shows each button’s function and content.

4) Click 【Account】 for personal information checking and resetting.

2. Joining ICO guidance

1)Users login Acchain account (, click【Join ICO】 on the home page to enter the ICO page

2) Enter the ICO page to view remaining time. Please read ACC ICO Policy before joining in; click【view record】 to enter ICO page and check the personal participating details.

3) Please read [ICO details], and go back to the ICO page, users can use BTC/ETH to joining ICO.

4) After clicking 【Join now】button by the BTC or ETH symbol, the payment address will appear, users can transfer coins by scan QR code from BTC/ETH wallet, or proceed the transaction by copying the address; click【Join now】to enter the ICO page, you can check your personal ICO details.

5) Click【Enter your ICO page】to check your personal ICO detail. Following the guidance and finishing payment. Users can also click【Account】-【ICO record】 to enter your ICO page, and follow the guidance to proceed ICO investment.