Asset Digitalization is for A Better Supply of Market

According to M2 statistic index, suppliers of products should take supply sides of both existing market and potential market into consideration when it comes to production. Some research institutions tend to support overcapacity theory by stressing that the supply of the current market is exceeding demand. ACChain, however, believes that market will never be saturated: Customers always prefer products of high quality.

In China, a better life backed by high GDP has not been shared by each and every one yet, because market circulation chain is intersected by complicated central trading module. There is “an ocean” between the primary producer and the end consumer. Ever since supply and demand became part of the business, intervention from middleman had been leading the supply side. As a result, product structure of supply side is hard to adjust, especially when the commodity circulation chain is too long.

In 18th, Oct, reports from conference of CPC representatives showed that structural reform of supply side during the last five years has been evolving deeply, while economic structured has been improving continually and emerging industry, such as digital economy, has been thriving. Yes indeed, the trend of digital development is the choice of economy, but more like a choice of history itself.

Therefore, ACChain offers asset digitalization, which helps all producers and consumers to exchange face to face.

ACChain launches digital asset (product) on ACChain platform and sets it with immutable blockchain technology, which ensures the authenticity and trustworthiness of the origin and whereabouts of assets. Central trading node is removed, the value of asset is represented by the settlement unit. A fundamentally decentralized trading mode of “bartering” is hence established.

The generating of this model can land the structure adjustment of the supply side and provides consumers with quality and inexpensive products.

Some good quality products were influenced by the centralized commodity transaction, for example, Wu Chang rice, Puer Tea, Ning Hong Gan Hong, Huayang Jiang-flavour wine. Many people are prevented from consuming these products because of the centralized commodity transaction. Some sellers produce counterfeits, which endangers consumers and tarnishes the reputation of the producers.

ACChain uses blockchain technology to digitalize these good quality products, generates traceable digital assets, establishes asset transaction platform and sets up redemption mechanism, forming a direct exchange ecology of production and consumption.

[Scenario Application] For example, through world-leading blockchain food traceability and supply chain management platform, Australian Livestock Association helps cattle breeding enterprises to create an advanced beef market, which include three systems: Traceability, recording and verification.

Blockchain technology platform cooperates with cattle breeding enterprises, monitoring from the source of breeding. It will upload the monitoring data to the blockchain system and ensure the immutable nature of data and the quality of beef through the feature of block timestamps.

IOT transducer models (such as sensor of temperature, humidity, acceleration, pressure, etc.) and the GPS, together with beef package, are adopted. Through the transducer which perceives the surrounding environments, deterioration of meat quality and replacement with counterfeit in transit is avoided. In addition, it can also help the cattle breeding enterprises to achieve pre-sale. If the consumers accept the quality of the beef, he/she can buy it before the livestock grow up, thus helping enterprises achieving liquidation quickly, using the money to buy calves in advance and achieving the rapid cash flow.

ACChain is committed to building a trust bridge between the self-proving food enterprises and consumers who prefer quality. ACChain helps consumers to choose trust-worthy products, meanwhile, ensures the reputation of self-proving enterprises to provide better quality products to the consumers. Only in this way can the production producers be free from existing market and potential market dominated by commodity economy. Instead, there will be a mode of customized production. Not just destock, but “zero” stock. ACChain Market transaction platform will be the paradise of consumers.

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