Asset digitization is going to be new favorite in blockchain

Acchain ICO (Initial coin offering) has attracted new trend of ICO discussion, the ICO has becoming the hot topic, especially in domestic digital currency community, the attention in ICO has increasing significantly. ICO is one way for cryptocurrency investment project. Usually, some of those cryptocurrency projects will sell platform tokens in thought ICO, and those initial tokens’ owners will change them to cash in the future. It is the best crowdfunding way for develop the cryptocurrency’s project. . Most ICOs are processing by BTC and ETH which can ascend to born of bitcoin. Acchain ICO is the largest ICO project in May and the core of asset digitization tool becoming the bright spot.

According to report, asset digitization is the new economic developed trend though blockchain. Most of blockchain group has investing larger number of resources for development. Some professors highlight that “strong technology with weak mode” is the common problem until now, there is no good mode can operate successfully, although there many academic reaches of blockchain which are base on asset digitization. However, Acchain is running the different way compare with others. The commercial mode is impeccable for Acchain. ACC (Asset collection coin) is the standard asset token in Acchain system which will exchange with other countries’ tokens to complete asset exchange. This mode can link all different assets in one community. All assets can be digitized and exchange by Acchain which increases speed of asset circulation.

Global ICO of Acchain is in progress now, the following is technology development. Acchain really has commercial mode as support, if the technology meets the requirement of industry, Acchain is going to be definitely success. According to state from Acchain relevant people, many global corporations already want to cooperate with Acchain for early completing the asset digitization by Acchain. They want to occupy the market by ACC resources integration.